How to Value a Business
An Incredibly Accurate & Simple Way to Confidently Value a Busines

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Frank Singer

How to Value a Business is a booklet that takes the reader through a very simple process to determine the value of a business. The results are amazingly accurate. In less than thirty minutes the reader will be an expert in valuing any kind of business and be entertained in the process.

The booklet applies to all types and kinds of businesses: small and large, mature and start-up, manufacturing and service.

There has been very little written on this subject. Even business schools don't spend much if any time on business valuation. The beauty of the book is it's utter simplicity coupled with accuracy.



  • Amazingly Accurate
  • Amazingly Simple
  • Applies to all types and sizes of businesses including start-ups
  • Written for the layman and the professional


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