How to Value a Business
An Incredibly Accurate & Simple Way to Confidently Value a Busines

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How to Value a Business will guide the reader through surprisingly simple exercises and techniques on how to value your own business or one you wish to acquire.

Frank Singer has found that the one single thing people have trouble with is placing a value on a business. Mr. Singer explains that businesses have three valuations: liquidity value, the value of its stock and its ongoing business values. It is the ongoing business value that is the essence of his book.

You will see through his formulas and examples how to evaluate the bottom line and determine a return on your investment.


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Frank Singer Biography:
Frank M. Singer has a BSME from Purdue and an MBA from the University of South Florida and also holds several patents. He has held executive positions at various companies including Sperry, General Dynamics and Honeywell prior to acquiring several aviation-related businesses. In 1984 his Costa Mesa based Flexible Metal Hose manufacturing company formed a joint venture with a Chinese heavy machinery manufacturer.

Currently Mr. Singer sits on several boards; is managing partner of TRIG; an intellectual venture capital partnership; is on the Board of the Tech Coast Angels; and is active in the AEA as chairman of the government affairs committee.










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